Worlds Collide by RainbowdashZx


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. Today I present to you a brand new PMV from RainbowdashZx.

I like this PMV. The visuals are pretty stunning, and it feels good to review something a little more complex after clearing out the backlog of simple PMV’s. Not that simple PMV’s are bad by any means, this one actually has some simplistic elements to it, it’s just good to have a change once in a while. It is very similar to all his other PMV’s, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s generic and uninspired, just that the creator has found a style they can work with effectively.

The colour correction and editing as a whole are pretty fantastic. But however there are a couple things bugging me here and there. Call it nitpicking, but the lipsync isn’t quite on point. Maybe they were pushed for time, or the scenes they chose were quite awkward to work with. Other than noticing a few masking errors, and some obviously repeated backgrounds, this was a nice PMV all things considered.

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Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene (PMV) by ObbsessiveBookworm


Hey folks, happy Friday! Tonight we have a new PMV from ObbsessiveBookworm. Hope you like evil because this PMV is focused on villains.

Let me say I absolutely love this video. The catchiness of the song combined with the simplistic editing style really makes this an enjoyable vid for me. The effects are restricted to simple color correction, fades and an overlay. Simple and powerful. Now usually I find overlays to be distracting, but the sparing and tasteful use in key areas really adds visual interest to make up for some of the slower parts of the song. I also was pleased by the use of the high-aspect ratio letter boxing in specific areas of the song. Overall the editing gives a very dramatic and professional feel to the whole video.

Also Twilight kicking butt at the end make me very happy. Enjoy the video below!

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It has begun by Hash Metal

Purple smart does not look like a happy friendship pony from this angle.  Maybe it’s the lighting.

Either way, she does kick flank, and so does this PMV from the relatively unknown editor: Hash Metal.  As you can tell by the name, this video is going to feature some rockin’ music with fittingly similar effects, so if you have a fear of flashy feature films, this might not be for you.

However if you can handle the well-placed white flashes, scene changes, and other effects, you’ll probably enjoy this.  My only displeasure with it is that it uses all of the overused scenes in the PMV world.  I think we might literally see things from all finales except for the Gala.  But unlike most videos, the song actually fits with the epic visuals and everything seems to be well in order.

Get your dose of power-packed ponies below!

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Attack by lTRuESoULl


“Princess” Twilight Sparkle?

Nononono, that’s pure badass in the form of an adorable purple alicorn pony.

So who’s ready for some more footage from the finale?  This video might have a weak timestamp (and the bloody HUB logo), but I swear I watched this thing like fifty times because it was just so freaking AWESOME!  The scenes were certainly chosen well; the buildup to the screamy part was a combination of desperation and tension in the music and the visuals.  And of course that climax had the expected finale scenes.  But the editor’s effects are really something to behold.

A YouTube video is (normally) 2D.  This being said, it’s rather hard to match the excitement levels of a song like “Attack.”  Many other PMVs have tried and gotten close.  BUT DANG.  This time we see a fantastic combination of all the punk-rock techniques such as B/W flashes, Shine, camera wiggle, transition inertia, imitative 3D traveling, motion blur, sped up clips, and even flickering color corrections that I never thought about using before.  These 37 seconds are gonna make you rethink the definition of “exciting.”


(DBZ finale is best finale)

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Revenge by Jiutti

Hello everybody! Dae314 here to remind you to take revenge on your arch nemesis this weekend… or not… maybe you can just plot this weekend and take revenge next weekend. Then again, there is this really cool video by Jiutti about revenge that you can watch instead of plotting. Yeah… that sounds a lot better. Evil revenge plotting will be next weekend. Your arch nemesis got off easy this week but not two weeks from now!

Just in case you missed the last episode of season, Jiutti kindly provides scenes almost solely from that episode mostly in order for your enjoyment. The effects used are generally appropriate, but there are some scenes where the flashing or desaturation gets a little out of hand. Oddly enough for a song titled “Revenge”, this video unfolds slowly enough that the story telling doesn’t feel forced. Overall on the “Should I Watch This” scale, this video would be a “watch this and remember that MLP IS GONE for several months at least.” That will give you a lot of sadness and rage with which you can plot your revenge next weekend. Happy Saturday everyone!
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Twilight’s Kingdom Cinematic Trailer by formuladash


Cinematic Trailers, one of my favorite forms of video. They take any form of media, cut it up, and make it seem very exciting. And in this case, the excitement wouldn’t be for nothing, as we all know the Season 4 finale was fantastic. formuladash did a fantastic job creating a great cinematic trailer for the Season 4 Finale. Everything is here. Hype, suspense, action, all tied together very precisely! The Season 4 finale brought out chills in me. This video doubled down on them. Check it out below!

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Keep Moving Forward by rainbowdashzx

(I was actually there for the livestream drawing of this thing^)
(I was actually there for the livestream drawing of this thing^)

Alright, so I must shamefully admit that I have not seen the finale, nor any episode after the breezy one. (It kinda turned me off.)

So having not seen the episode, I’m going to assume that the video adheres to the plot (which I am pretty sure is about Twi getting her house renovated and some guy named ‘T-Rex’ giving the mane 6 a nasty case of rainbow colored rashes, which helps the Hasbro advertising team think of the catchy title to their new toy line “MLP  FiM:  RainbowRash” which will most likely be misinterpreted as a crossover between MLP and Scooby Doo).  The more important element here is not the plot anyway, but instead the message that it sends.  Great use of the monologue from the Rocky film really sets the stage to show that T-Rex might have been able to pack a punch, but he couldn’t take the hits that Twilight was dealing out.  Meanwhile, Twi was able to withstand her home’s destruction and face several challenges without faltering.

So if there’s anything you remember from this PMV, make sure it’s that message in bold.  Rainbowdashzx manages to really pack in that effect through the use of his nice grunge overlay and the glowing typography in the beginning that really makes great contrast.  Also, the bouncy transitions changed what would be a grunge feeling to more of an inspirational tone.

RDZX is a fantastic editor that you can check out here on the site as well!  He’s been making a bunch of inspirational videos as of late, like Give it All by Rise Against (that’s my jam), so go check him out after watching this awesome thing down here\/  If you’ll excuse me, I have some episodes to watch.

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