Always by rainbowdashzx

Aww, relationships with pastel horses can be very hard apparently.

And that’s something shown in our next PMV by our long time editor, rdzx.  Speaking of whom, you should tune in this Friday at 10pm EST right here: for an interview with the talented fellow, hosted by yours truly.  It will be fun and you’ll get to ask questions!

Moving on to the PMV however, the editor really took a new step by trying out a very soft and utterly beautiful style.  There’s all sorts of what appears to be bloom and vignettes that really compliment the sadder and outreaching theme of the music.  Speaking of which, the general theme in this PMV seems to be about longing and keeping memories of friends, mostly centered around a few of the Mane 6 + Spike.

Everything comes together nicely, and the typography is actual rather fitting.  It adds nicely without really detracting or cluttering things up.  I like this PMV, and so will you after you check it out below!

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It’s Been So Long by TackiestFire


Happiest of Fridays to you! It has been a while since I (TheDanielsaur) have posted anything, and for that I apologize. Life happens, you know? But for now, it looks like I am migrating from Wednesdayland and taking up residence in Fridayville for the foreseeable future. It’s nice here.

Anyhoo, today’s PMV comes to us from a most un-chic flame by the name of TackiestFire. There’s something oddly compelling about this PMV that I can’t quite put my hoof on. It’s a bit emo, overall, but the driving beat combined with some excellent footage choices make for an entertaining watch, even if me isn’t usually my forte. I like the sense of narrative that this one has, even if there might be just one too many clips of Twilight on the verge of tears for my liking. I get what the author was doing, however, and I appreciate it. The flip-flops between grayscale and color felt a bit arbitrary, but when all is said and done, I quite enjoyed this PMV for its solid editing, engaging story and (as previously stated) overall compelling nature.

Check it out below!

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Twily’s New School by ABitSillyPony

Happy Thursday night guys!

Anyone else remember this show? If not, all you need to know is that it was incredible.

ABitSillyPony has done an absolutely incredible job of “ponifying” this TV intro. What I tend to so when people take on projects like this, is the effects and scenes are from mop and more fit what they are saying in the lyrics, instead of what was in the actual intro video. I really loved this PMV because all the scenes were actually based off those from the show. Instead of just finding scenes that kinda fit. ABitSillyPony made the scenes using some very good custom animation. I really have nothing else to say, I really liked it.

If you are looking for more, or just something to do. Drop by the authors channel and show some love. Channel

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Lightbringer by rainbowdashzx

Happy Thursday guys!

Is it me, or do the PMVs just keep getting better??

Tonight we bring you an amazing PMV done by the one and only rainbowdashzx. While this may be a shorter PMV compared to some others, there is no doubt that is just as awesome (if not more). So much in this PMV just…worked. The slight tints and other effects give it that dark eerie feeling. The simple transitions that just seem to flow without effort. I have seen countless editors try to work with this genre of music, and it never really comes out looking very nice. However rainbowdashzx managed to find that magical element to make it work. There is a lot in this PMV that rainbowdashzx did right, can’t wait for the next video!

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Let it Go by Bridleway462gha

Frozen PMV.  ‘Nuff said.

Or at least thats what people tend to think until they realize that the Frozen/MLP fans just rushed forth to PMV the songs from the movie with disregard for quality control.  Some were good, I’ll admit, but none of them stood too far out in the crowd until I took a look at this one.  Even if the song were different though, the editing skills for it have shown that the author is superbly talented.

The main reason I give it praise is the literalness of each scene.  Sure, when we think about literal PMVs we think about the lyrics of the song matching up with the character’s mouth moving.  But this vid takes it one step further by using literal facial expressions that fit perfectly with the song.  I might also add that I love videos with a plot, even if it isn’t really original.  This certainly seems to follow the plot of the song and the whole introverted magical pony/person ordeal.

The only thing I should harp on is the crazy amount of time remapping.  Slow frames and that kinda thing.  But go check it out anyway!

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Hey Brother by PartyGrunt

A PMV based on the song Hey brother! by Avicii, and focused on Twilight and Shining Armor.
This video uses some great scenes from the episode A Canterlot Wedding Part 1-2, also the typography effects are loyal to the original video. Personally, I recommend this song as it’s one of my favorites in this time of the year.

Anyway, you should be strong in this time with the claims of Hasbro, because all the fandom is supporting us. Stay awesome!


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Heavens Divide by Jaref


Yet another Jaref post!  Stop making good stuff dude, you’re going to outclass the rest of us XD


Anyway, an amazingly epic PMV by the master of simplicity himself has floated into my sights.  This time, it’s focused around Celestia (perfect character for the song both literally and emotionally) and her struggles.  Which then transitions into how the sun princess must pass her power onto a younger apprentice.  Not a bad plot, but it’s really the number of scenes that caught me off guard.

Without any recycled content or stressed placement, the author supplied a natural amount of clips from the show.  Even at the end, when he used a few still pics instead of movies, they looked like they were naturally put there and not just some filler because of a lack of material.  In the description, Jaref talks about how he was in constant demand for epic and holy sun princess clips but finally managed to make it happen when season 4 came out.  Speaking of which, we see for almost the first time a use of S4 clips without the cluttering watermarks.

If you can’t remove the marks, just zoom in a bit.  And if you do run out of clips, just use pictures.  There is a lot to be learned from our friend Jaref, so go check it out!

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Milk by KomicKake

This one’s kind of short, but real neat. I’m not entirely sure what the title has to do with either the song or the theme, but I can roll with it. :) The song is quite eerie, and works really well with the Queen Chrysalis footage. I really like the bits with Twilight and the starry backdrop, too. It’s all pretty smooth. The only jarring part is when Celestia suddenly starts talking and its a bit loud and sudden, but even that kind of works with the slightly creepy and surreal feel of the video. I think the author did a great job with it.

Check it out below! Then head over to the artist’s channel to subscribe or leave feedback!

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PMVs of Influence Week: Day 1 | Hero by TheeLinker


Hey guys, this week we’re trying something new! Each day this week, one of the staff members will talk about the video that is most influential to them, whether it got them interested in making PMVs or introduced them into the fandom itself! So come back each day to get a dose of what got us into the fantastic brony world!

Today, I bring you the most important video I have ever watched. This video while, yes being amazing, and being made almost 2 years ago, is the most influential video to me. Why? Cause the amount of epicness that I got from this video got me to want to make videos myself, and my first 3 PMVs were all skillet, and are among the most popular videos I have. So this is for TheeLinker, thanks man, I probably wouldn’t have started making videos if it wasn’t for this! The video brings many things to light, like perfect lip sync, effects where needed, and just overall GREAT scene selection! Its hard to believe this is a year and a half old, Its insane! Now stop listening to me ramble on and on about how good it is, and just watch it already!

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