Seasons of Love by Abby S


Welcome back, citizens of the internet. Jack here, showcasing to you today another fine PMV made by one of our very own authors on the site, Abby S.

When watching this PMV, it’s clear that several aspects seen in Abby’s previous PMV’s have evolved significantly. When I covered Abby’s PMV contest entry, Guide You Home, I mentioned how one of my favourite aspects of the PMV was how the show clips matched brilliantly with the music, and this is taken to another level with this PMV. The use of feel-good clips from the show, as well as a small use of vectors and masks at the beginning of the video, already set up a feel-good vibe, but the way the clips, vectors and masks are timed to the beat of the uplifting music create an immersion of positiveness that is hard to break out of. The vibrant, bright filters also add to the feel-good atmosphere this PMV creates, leaving you with a product that makes it very easy to put a smile on your face.

Typography is also present in this PMV, although it is used to a lesser degree than in some of Abby’s previous works. While I feel most of the typography used worked well here, there were a few moments where I felt it was a little intrusive. However, this is a very minor quibble in what is otherwise a fantastic, and clean, traditional PMV. I’ve always been a fan of well-made traditional PMV’s, and Abby is quickly becoming one of my favourite editors in that regard. With an evolution of established techniques on show here, as well as some new techniques being implemented, I look forward to see what she has in store.

Check out the PMV for Seasons of Love below!

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Counting Stars by LunaWolfehx

Happy Friday night to all!!

After watching many PMVs, I have come to the conclusion that whilst it is a lot the scene and music choice that make a big difference in the quality of a PMV, I have noticed that the transitions play a key role in the quality as well.

Tonight we bring you a magnificent PMV done by LunaWolfehx. The PMV is done to the enchanting song Counting Stars by One Republic. I was quite impressed at the way that this PMV caught my attention. The use of transitions and effects were powerful, but not to the point where they were overpowering. My main critique I have for this PMV is to tone down the brightness. I understand the look that they were going for, but at times it made it hard to see the scenes. But overall, I very much enjoyed this PMV. I look forward to seeing more of LunaWolfehx’s work in the Future!     

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