Smile by Amanie4cures


Hey guys, got a lovely little PMV today from Amanie4cures.

We have another simply edited video, and the slow pace really does fit the song. I think the nice choice of clips coupled with the song itself is really uplifting. The creator did attempt some lipsync, and with more practice this could work really well. The creator also added a little more spice to the video with lens flares and simple but clever transitions between the clips. The editing itself is really well timed. I’m surprised this person doesn’t have more subs, because they certainly deserve them.

Overall I found this PMV very enjoyable, and hope you do too.

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The Sun Is Rising by Abby S



Long time no post! But I have returned at just the right time to post a new video from one of my favorite (and criminally undersubbed) editors, Abby S. This video starts off pretty melancholy but overall is uplifting. Get ready for some feels.

True to her style, The Sun is Rising is sparse on the effects and shows her great sense of timing and scene selection. I would have really liked a story line if possible, but I still thing that even without one this a great video.  There were some transition I felt were questionable, but not to the point I feel they seriously detract in any way from the overall video



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