Centuries by xindit

Hmm, this song sounds strangely similar…

Never mind that, it’s time for a new rendition of the hit by Fall Out Boy, and this time a little simpler with an entirely different theme.  I just love how people can take the same song, same available content, and turn it all into something entirely new without necessarily having to use effects to exaggerate that difference.  And in this new piece, we also see some fan content thrown in!

“How is it different?” you ask?  Well my friends, it’s quite simple.  In the traditional thought of many in the fandom, Centuries’ message and lyrics could apply boldly and only to T. Sparklez and the crew.  They would be remembered positively for their victories over the villains.  However, in this video, we see some spotlight shed on Sunset Shimmer, who the editor seems to imply, will be remembered for centuries because she kind of turned into a demon in the previous movie and that ain’t something that really just slips your mind.

The PMV does focus on other villains though, and it seems to be a theme that can apply to a wide variety of characters.  xindit’s take is one of a kind, so you should check it out below!

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Vox Populi by ObbsessiveBookworm

Hello guys and gals! Bringing you today with a really cool PMV by ObbsessiveBookworm focused mostly on season 5 premiere, and some other episodes. The beginning is pretty slow with the pace of the song, accompanied by the effect of like the old 50’s black and white cartoons. Then later after, when the song picks up everything starts to turn epic. The sequence of clips is organized greatly and some of the effects used are amazing. Go watch the video below!

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The Grey by metalsystem761


Hey everyone! Hope you’re all having a good weekend so far. I’ve been attempting to do some film editing for class, but the lack of candy coloured equines has distracted me. Go figure.

Anyway, today we’re bringing you a emotional PMV focusing on inner turmoil and redemption. This PMV seems to use a variety of characters such as Luna, Applejack and Discord to highlight the dramatic impact of the song. I have to give praise for the scene selection used here, their choices really do compliment the lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, The use of text on screen is decent – it’s an extra element that further exaggerates the emotion. The transition effects seemed forced at some points, but for the most part it works. If the creator develops and improves it in future videos, it could become quite an interesting style for them.

I do quite like how the video lets the clips breathe a bit in terms of pacing. When editing to music it’s important to know how long to hold a clip. Do you cut to the rhythm or to the emotion? Here, the emotion takes priority and so we get a chance to sympathize with the characters. Overall, this is a nice solid PMV that strives and achieves the atmosphere of the song. Check it out below.
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Ready to fight by VictiniStar101

Hello everypony, bringing you with another PMV. This one is made by VictiniStar101. It focuses on all the mane six, representing and showcasing their friendship as they fight evil. The editing here is neatly done and fits the song which is a beautiful, heroic-type song. A few experimentation that the creator tried with the color filters/effects makes it stand out more.

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Die by J woody

One of the best parts of this fandom is crossovers.  It leaves literally infinite possibilities for ponies!

If you’re into a show that stars four colorful characters abbreviated in the form of R.W.B.Y., then you’ll love what we have tonight.  While the title of the video is slightly blunt, it’s the title of a song from the show that’s being crossed with MLP, and no ponies were harmed in the making (we think).

The visuals rely heavily on some literal interpretation, so it’s great that the singer here has a clear voice for ease of understanding.  It’s also easy to see that the song style matches extremely well with our pony friends; each is both aesthetically cute and clean while thematically presenting some darker aspects.  In this respect, the editor gets bonus points for a nice matchup.  The effects were short and simple when used, and one of the only problems I had with this was that it might be too literal at times and that the HUB logos are always sticking out at the corners of the screen.

So whether you’re for primarily pure ponies or a criss cross of crossovers, you should check out the nice PMV by J woody below!

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Sword Art Online 2 – Courage by SpectraPony


Sword Art Online and Ponies. Yes! Today, I bring you a PMV based of the anime series “Sword Art Online”. The video parodies the opening of the series and it fits really well. The transitions and custom animations are impressive. It represents SAO’s concept very well with the ‘next-gen, futuristic, virtual gaming’ style.

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Dance of Harmony by DRUMMERSHY

mane6 with elements

Today, I bring you a very neat, simple 6-minute PMV. Featuring the elements of harmony themselves, shown with there adventures and battles they’ve had through out the show. An instrumental song with guitars and drums to match the clips, is action-y. The video itself it’s pretty simple concept, with clips from the show and almost no filters or effects used in this 6 minute-long video. There are a few occasional times where the clips don’t really match that well with the music, but overall, it’s a pretty cool, simple PMV.


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Wonderful World by MyNamesNotKim


Today’s PMV is showcases one of the most important parts of our generation’s MLP: the bad guys. As with all TV shows, Friendship is Magic thrives on conflict. If you don’t have some evil magical superbeing constantly throwing your daily life out of whack, what do you have? You have G3, but that’s another story.

Speaking of villains and other generations, we’ve seen Tirek in the latest season; I wonder if at some point, we might see Scorpan show up as well, as an ally to help in some dire situation. Just a thought I had.

So anyway, this song is pretty strange, too. I’d never heard this version of ‘Wonderful World’ before, but it’s quite chilling and fitting for the dark theme of this video. There’s plenty of musical stings, like bass notes and drum strikes, that are perfect for laying over shots of evil eyes and explosive action shots. It’s overall a really cool video that we’re glad to share with you today.

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Our Darkest Days by rainbowdashzx


Dudes, stuff gets dark in MLP if you just think about it.  Hypnosis, vampirism, tyrannical enslavement, books without pictures…

What?  You guys aren’t afraid of those?

Well this PMV focuses around telling the story of a great song and expanding on it’s message.  Darkest Days is about overcoming and pulling through the darkest days of your life, and RDZX certainly makes it clear on how well the mane 6 pull through.  Sure, we see the use of typical finale scenes with big scary bad guys, but I also noticed some great normal episodes that had serious thematic importance used with great effect here.

Now that we’re talking effects, lets see what our fellow editor did with these scenes.  I know it ain’t just me, but I’ve kind of taken a liking to the widescreen video format that we’ve got going on here.  It really makes the video seem more cinematic and epic.  Additional effects include the famous white flash and the grunge overlay, both used accordingly. (Although I wouldn’t have minded a change in scenery after a bit with the overlay, it almost reaches a point of distraction.)

Moderately flashy stuff below!

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