Television by BigBar0n

Trick questioin, what do you get when you cross Hans Zimmer with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? An awesome video by BigBar0n that’s what you get! Now I have to admit. A little over half of what makes this video so awesome is the music. The trouble with using really good music (and this music is excellent, the sound quality on the encode is very clear) is that it tends to eclipse all but the best editing. The video editing displayed in Television is not bad. The style is simple and the scene selections would make RedCard proud, but it’s not anything special. Some portions of the video do manage to keep up with the music though. For instance, the whole opening credits sequence is a marvelous lead in, and the Queen Chrysalis sequence was similarly well put together. Overall, the experience of watching Television was enjoyable. You won’t be sitting on the edge of your seat, but it’s not every day that you get to see a PMV about the MLP villains.
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Pony In Fire by TheNinjaTanuki


Yes, PMV Today viewers, this is all happening in a kids’ show.

This great video features a song from the soundtrack to Dissidia, one of my favorite PSP games, and the driving rock melody and haunting lyrics fit really well with the theme of this project: Chaos. Equestria, like the game’s own world, has a serious chaos problem. But thankfully Equestria’s chaos god is a little more whimsical, and a little less ‘destroy all light in the world and reduce everything to nothingness.’ Another great use of all the great villain scenes/epic boss battles, which I’ve noticed have become a recurring theme as of late. I think the show staff is really trying to show us how not-girly the show is becoming. Well, until the song at the end of the season finale about rainbows. Anyway, this video is awesome and you all should give it a look right now.

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‪PMV – Sugar‬ by ‪Terriccota Pie‬



Fellow mondaynians,

Oh it starts off with the theme song, well that is sure works for lulling me into a sense of securi-.

Oh dear Discords left horn what is this!

Ooo-kay… Lets just see where this goes. It screams of Sugar? Is this supposed to represent a sugar rush in Equestria? because It is doing a good job of it.

And then back to the theme song.

Well that sure was something.

Not a bad something either. It did a constant flow of… chaos. Like if discord suddenly got to direct the opening. actually scratch that, this smells of a collaboration of chaos. Pinkie got too much sugar for her to handle. (The question is if I derailed here, ok stayed on track.)

It is an experience. Its style is crazy a lot of strange effects and styles, which fits a lot.

With an opening like this, Who knows what could be ahead in the week? I don’t know but this got me excited to find out.

I approve This.

[Added Info]:  The band who made this song (“Made Out of Babies”) disbanded in 2012, having been a band for about 6 years.

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Castle of Shadows by IdhrenLives


One thing I love about PMVs which pull their music from fanmade songs is that they tend to sync up better to the actual video than lyrics that would otherwise just be interpreted. And that is no more well projected than here, in “Castle of Shadows,” which is a PMV of a song of the same name by SlyphStorm. The lyrics tie in better with the clips, and it makes your job as an editor a ton easier. And the easier it is, the more motivation you have to push forward with your project.

I cannot stress enough how perfectly the lyrics and clips tie together. That isn’t a coincidence, of course. But it really helps to sell what a “PMV” really is. a Pony Music Video. I also really like how much of a retro, Castlevania-esque vibe the track gives off. Pure nostalgia. Check it out below! It’s a fun one!

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Cage The Beast by bubbleberrygaming


Well happy Hearth’s Warming Eve y’all.  I’m sure some of you are still up waiting for Santa in the US or something so check out this slightly late PMV.

Camera jitter is abundant and so are some really nice rock transitions.  There are a few certain animations in the PMV world that really represent that heavy driving force behind distortion guitar and loud drums.  I think that most of the ones I’ve seen before are used repeatedly in this video, but they are still somehow kept fresh with the use of S4 action scenes and a cool tech overlay (that I admit might be overused).  Also, those watermarks could use some removing some time soon.

All of those little techniques added together really make for something that is super energetic and power packed.  Also, the consistent use of the T.V. warp filter made the whole thing come together nicely and flow better than it would have otherwise.  The plot was a little obscure, being “Bad guys and fighting stuff” however I guess that you don’t need to focus too much on that with the extremely fast pacing.  Very fast, very cool, and very intense.

Rock out to a little holiday special below!

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Bad Colts, Whatcha Gonna Do? | Ponýmon! Gotta Catch ’em All! by Paul Miller IV

Today we’ve got parodies from two shows that began during my childhood, so it’s no surprise that these opening theme songs are irrevocably inscribed upon my very soul. By that I mean once I hear either one, I can’t get it out of my head.

The first is the incredibly long running reality show, “Cops”. If there is a better song to show villains getting their just desserts I don’t know what it could be, but it’s used delightfully in this video with some great scenes of those naughty ne’er-do-wells being brought to justice!

The second is the equally long running anime, Pokemon! Some of you may have heard of it. Being another show that’s pretty much entirely about friendship, it’s no surprise that the two fit together so well. This could totally be an actual opening to MLP, if it weren’t for that pesky “gotta catch ’em all” lyric. What are they trying to catch over in Ponyville? Maybe we’ll find out in season 4.

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The Mark Of Destiny by Herostrain

Well hello there people up in the morning of Fillydelphia! (or wherever your bed is at the moment)

It’s for you to make your own mark in your own life in various places ( I did mine in the bathroom various times and I think I didn’t leave it behind) and it’s for you to realize that after 3 seasons of this show that no matter how early and how late you got into it, you caught up some tense moments within the show despite the usual slice-of-life stuff cause not everything is all rainbows, butterflies and Coca Cola and Magic Bean Sprouts and uh….. ok I guess I better proceed.

What we got here (at least to me, to the author, an awesome fanfiction to be written) is a nice trailer with appropriate voice cue ins summing up what could have been a nice movie/episode/OVA that condenses all these moments into what could have been a blockbuster Emmy award hit or something…. coming Summer 2014…. Either way, watching this will give you the impression that something’s gonna go down in Equestria again (Twilight after her wings are clipped *boos and hisses*)

But you can’t have your fun yet unless that list that pops up as a horrible disclaimer arrives to spoil your viewing pleasure:

1.Consistently captivating
2.Perfect scene choice plus voice clips (timing too)
3.No distracting effects (add-in Trailer text complemented well)
4.I wanna see a movie darn it

Check the microwave for your popcorn and get your tickets ready for the drama below:

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P.S. StrangeFella is tempted to do something but can’t seem to put his priorities straight and is too darn self-conscious
P.S.S. Disregard above because who gives a flying *squee* and this ain’t no annoying facebook news feed

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Equestria In the Dark by Thoom Kaptain

Equestria after dark: are you brave enough? Luna assured me that there’s nothing to worry about at night, but I’m not so sure.

Anyway, this video may not be too flashy but its got great timing and a cool techno tune. Plus it focuses on the awesome monsters and villains which is always something I love. Maybe the dark isn’t so bad after all, if you’re there with your friends.

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Monster by Nick Hawkz

Sometimes you just have to revel in your inner monster, and enjoy the simple pleasures of pure villainy. Bwa hahaha! (<—Evil laugh, still a work in progress)

Here we have a video that gives the villains we know and love the attention they deserve. Great use of the various antagonists, both major and minor, to showcase the wide variety of cool monsters that we’ve seen in the show so far. The world of Equestria is a lot more dangerous that you’d think at first, and that’s part of what makes it so interesting! This was one of the entries to our contest, so go and give the author some love!

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Virus by Hero Pony

If ponies are a virus, it’s one that I’m happy to be infected with! I love the premise of this video, that each of the characters are a piece of software designed to eliminate chaos inducing programs like the dreaded Discord.exe. It also happens to be one of the most action packed videos I’ve ever seen, with every single drum beat having an accompanying effect of some kind. The animation during the beginning was well done, introducing each of the pony programs installed on whatever magical computer this takes place in. One improvement to consider for this one would be to go all out with the computer references, show some graphical corruption during the virus parts, common PC error messages, etc. Great idea that I hope to see explored further!

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