Spirit of Success by GuncaPMV


Back again guys, and today we have a great PMV from Gunca. Now we don’t normally post unfinished PMVs, but this one seems to give an excellent atmosphere regardless.

Now the first thing you notice about this PMV is just how great the lighting effects are. And the shading on the backgrounds matches it perfectly. This is what gives this PMV that great atmosphere. The creator has used animation loops with stunning visuals to great effect. You don’t need to know much about editing to see that this video is absolutely beautiful.

The scenery seems to be composed in 3D space, which becomes evident when the camera moves around the scene. I love how the color overlay changes with the type of lighting used as well. For example in the first scene, at night the color is much cooler with a blue tint. But as the sun rises, it gradually changes to orange, to match the change from night sky to sun.

I think that’s the main selling point for this PMV, just how good the lighting is, and how well the style matches up to the song. Although I’m sure we would have preferred a full length PMV, what we have here is better than nothing.

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Empire Of Sound by Alanj2007 Games


Hey guys, another great PMV today. AlanJ is back once again, and he just seems to keep getting better.

So today’s PMV definitely delivers in the visuals department. However it does not rely solely on motion graphics and typography. The creator has done well to use show footage in this as well, combining the two in some cases with clever masking and animation. The visuals themselves are stunning. The lighting and color effects match the song very well. And the little camera shakes make it feel more organic. Lots of little touches like this really make this PMV stand out from the rest.

The glitch and glow effects seem to be synced to the beat, and the video is linked to the lyrics. “I’m moving on”, shows tank going in to hibernation, links to dash accepting tanks fate and moving on. When bridges are mentioned, the camera moves to a bridge that then falls, once again in relation to the lyrics. These are just a few examples of visuals matching the song well in this video.

All in all this PMV seamlessly combines show footage and visual effects. Giving a stunning end result with visuals matching up perfectly to the song. Keep it up AlanJ!

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Lemon Tree by TheRayteR


Interesting little PMV we’ve got here today. By “The RayteR”, who’s only been around for about a month and is already doing pretty well.

The song itself isn’t really the type of song you see very often in PMV’s, but this guy seems to have pulled it off. The bright colors match the cheery theme. There’s a good choice of clips, and the visuals match up well with the lyrics. One thing that stands out is the slick motion graphics. Interesting use of bright cheerful colors, which feels somewhat summery.

If I were to criticize this video, I could say that the lip sync was a little off in some scenes. The typography could use some work, especially in the first scenes where the text color makes it difficult to read. The color correction is a little inconsistent, and the glow is too strong, which washes out the original footage, but other than that, this is a pretty good video.

Overall I’d say it’s quite a pretty PMV. It’s enjoyable to watch and there isn’t a visual overload. So props to The RayteR, and I hope to see more content from him in the near future.

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Dirty Hooves by Izeer


Hey guys, back again with another post. Today we have a PMV from Izeer, and boy is it something.

From the moment the video starts, you can tell it’s going to be an emotional, and visually pleasing PMV. The grayscale and snow coupled with that guitar is quite a fitting combo. Izeer was wise to include a snow flurry blowing across the frame, as not only does this fit with the songs theme, but it stands out against the dark skies in the background. This PMV does a very good job at staying true to the lyrics. Each of the mane six has their own segments, and the lyrics seem to fit. For example, as soon as animals are mentioned, there is a slick transition to fluttershy.

Although a simple walk cycle may seem rather minimal, the creator did his best to maintain our interest. They included very fluid motion graphics and typography, that did far more than just recite the lyrics. They were pasted on snowflakes and trees, which gives the viewer something a little more interesting to look at than just the walk cycle. The scenes are well timed too. When the song picks up some pace, a whole swarm of dragons flies by in the background. These dragons are also cleverly used to transition from fluttershy to rarity.

This is a very enjoyable PMV, and is aesthetically pleasing. I must admit I got a few shivers the first time I watched it, and I think Izeer did a great job at putting his idea forward, and keeping to the theme. Catch it bellow guys!

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