Winter’s F***ed Up by AnimatedJames (and a bunch of other people)



It’s been a really, really long time since anyone’s done anything new with ‘Winter Wrap Up’, so it’s certainly a surprise to see something like…this, come straight out of nowhere. Pleasantly suprising, I suppose. Well anyway, the video we’ll be featuring today is a very…overt, group project from some well-known VAs and vocalists in our community, singing a song about how much winter blows. Though, try as they might, no one will ever get me to not like winter, being the man of…considerable size as I am.

Though there is one thing about it I don’t regard too fondly, and that is of course, the music. If you’ve ever been in a department store, you know what I mean, and that is that it feels like the winter season has been shoved down our throats since the end of October. Seriously, do not come to my house this Christmas and try to sing anything, because I’m pretty sure I could legally shoot you.

Whoa…that got a little dark. Sorry about that.

Anyway, the song is given additional life by one of our community’s more unique animators, and personally I rather enjoy the more “skecthbooky style” that’s starting to become more prominent lately. As a child of Atari, I can attest that visual pleasantry is not always equivalent to substance. Though, in this case, this video does have both, and I am pleased to share it with you today, and I invite you all to stay warm throughout this freezin’ season. POETRY, MUTHAF****A!!

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SCS: “Winter Wrap Up” Remix Collection


Hey everyone! Invincible here, signing in for a very special edition of PMV Today’s Sunday Classics Showcase! Recently, I survived the most devastating snowstorm that never hit the American Northeast, and the experience has told me a very important fact: Spring is here! So let’s welcome Spring and say goodbye to Winter by showcasing three (that’s right, THREE) PMV remixes of our bronydom’s official unofficial theme song. You can pick your poison or enjoy all three.

First up, we’ve got a great video featuring a remix featuring everyone’s favorite sentient slab of rock, The Living Tombstone. The track starts out very mellow, but quickly evolves into the typical aggressive and joyful “Tomb-Beat” style we’ve all grown accustomed to. The video editor did an awesome job adding effects to the video to match that spirit.

The second is a very smooth electronic remix, which focuses on subtle vocal manipulations and some very ethereal keyboard runs, which helps give off a very springtime vibe that translates extremely well in the video. The drums are effective but not overpowering; they complement the melody perfectly. The harmonies in the vocals are amazingly done as well.

Finally, we have a very awesome drum n’ bass track which focuses much more on driving beats to support the original vocals. The video effects are much more subtle in this PMV, which is also reflected in the song. The star of this remix is the original song, and the bass line is along for the ride. And what a ride it is.

Happy Spring Time everybody! We’ll see you again next week with your regularly scheduled SCS! This has been Invincible, signing off!

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