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An ol' PMV I need healp with(AE ponies Wanted plz)
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Ravistar Offline
The One Pony Band

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9Octavia An ol' PMV I need healp with(AE ponies Wanted plz)
It's midnight, i should be Sleeping! Confused Yet i have to post this thing because otherwise i may never get back to it.

First though i would like to thank everyone who commented on my introduction thread. Feels nice to be a part of this group, unlike the Adobe forums that basicly told me to "Go google it" when i asked a "simple" question. Sad R You know, i used to be a writer(and a darn good one), but these days theres just no time or room to get into the "zone," if you know what i mean. Oh well, if i can't tell, i'll just have to show.(the zone of animating is a bit easier to stay in then writting, but thats another story)

But anywho, back to business For a while, i've been working on a PMV in After Effects to try and get my hands dirty with this new fangled stuff. However it's been a whole summer and i've done basically nothing. Now school is back(High school Senior year) and i don't trust myself to handle my ever diminishing spare time to do this

Anyway, this is what i'm trying to recreate

And this is what i have so far

Obviously there's a lot that needs to be added such as the scrolling videos, which should be easy enough once i get myself plenty of MLP footage(preferably without watermarks), and plant vectors i can get on Deviantart and or make myself should i have to (Which i WILL have to). I also might have spike in there as well, but that would probably be where the simple things end.

Then i'd have to get falling leaves, petals, and maybe snow to fall in a loop, then have the grass Rise and fall as they transition to the next season of grass. I also don't know what to put for the text entirely, but I do plan to put the english lyrics in there somewhere. Not to mention the end where the Okami(Amaterasu) sits down, i don't know what i'd have Twiliy do. And anything else about the video I may be forgetting because it's about 2 in the morning.

Also, i have it so that the BG and grass loops in another Comp with Time Remaping, as well as have it all in a precomp where i altered it so it has that slow pan to speed effect. I tried doing the same thing with that Auto Scroll preset to make things simpler...to say the least, it didn't work. At all.

It's a good thing i'm also a fair vector artist and remote photo shopper on the side, they help with making the things for this PMV. The beginning group image, the Bg and grass was made by yours truly. and i still have to make vectors of leaves and petals and such to have fall through the screen and loop.

Cat Get away from my monitor! You have food! Get off my drawing Tablet too! Oh, did i type that?

So yeah, basicly I'm asking for healp with this PMV, namely some people experienced with After Effects who could help me run this thing a bit smother. Any help would be apricated with the problems listed or anything to help make it run smoother. I run CS6 on a Mac, so yeah. I may edit this when it's not 2 in the morning and i'm not fighting to stay awake.

If you wanna talk about it over skype or something then mine is Ravigames

I've only stayed up for a part of the night...do i still get lucky?Rolleyes

When in doubt,[Image: Objection.gif]
(This post was last modified: 08-23-2013 01:01 PM by Ravistar.)
08-23-2013 03:06 AM
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RE: An ol' PMV I need healp with(AE ponies Wanted plz)
Hey Ravi! Cool to see you here. I'm sitting in school right now and hating it as much as ever Big Grin

I'll just go over what I have to say right now in order of appearance, as far as I'm concerned. Since, you know, I'm sitting in front of my crappy school netbook that doesn't have AE. And also, I'm about to pick out everything I see/can add, so get ready.

On a technical standpoint, just looking at how your version starts, I would recommend easing things up a bit with easy ease keyframes, at least. If you could go into the curves animator, that'd be great too. But that can easily be postponed.

Also, in the actual version you can see there is a parallax between the foreground elements and the background. The grass is the closest to the camera, with plants going closer to the back. They also have drop shadows. You could fake this with some extra movement but I would recommend actually using 3D layers and a camera. I actually can't tell if you're using 2D layers or not but I assume you are.

For the falling leaves, petals, and snow, use CC Particle world. Expand the particle generator and position it above, use a custom layer for the particle and vary the size, rotation, etc. as needed, keeping opacity at 100%. You could probably just vector a single particle for each falling thing, since it will only take one particle at a time. And also it won't be looping, since the amount of particles falling varies, but you could render it out and use that instead of waiting for it to render each time.

I don't know what to say about the text or lyrics, that'd be up to you, since I have no idea about the context of this or the meaning. Do you want credits or something in there? I dunno, lol.

Lastly, for now, I'd say add some paper texture in there. Having the background look so smooth is a little offsetting in terms of what you're going for. And make sure the texture is actually moving with the background, and not just a static overlay.

I can't say much more because of my inability to use AE right now, along with the fact that my netbook displays YouTube videos at about 240p. If I don't have much homework tonight (doubtful) I'll try to be more specific. Hope this helps!

Also, nice to hear someone else in high school. On the second day of school we already were assigned to write a 5-paragraph essay in one day, but of course I finished it. I hate high school. Rolleyes
08-23-2013 10:50 AM
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aleeza Offline
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RE: An ol' PMV I need healp with(AE ponies Wanted plz)
Short answer? No.

Long answer? If you're satisfied with results that might have come out of Windows Movie Maker, sure.

12-28-2014 08:00 AM
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